Download YouTube for Android APK

Download YouTube for Android APK. The most famous worldwide video application and web page that is available for all electronic devices worldwide is called YouTube. It is reported that monthly active YouTube users grow exponentially.


This platform is full of channels of people with a lot of creativity who have decided to show their talents to the world, so if you have a very admirable talent you’d better take the initiative to create a YouTube channel and show the world what you’re capable of of doing.

This video platform is designed as a distraction for the home, contains all kinds of videos that people of all tastes can have fun without any problem, is a platform for all audiences and therefore classified videos so that it is easier to find the videos that you like the most.

Features YouTube for Android APK

  • YouTube has a Premium version in which you are provided with the entire catalog of videos that are available in it but without a single advertisement, this Premium version is obviously paid.
  • It has sections that show you the most viewed videos in recent times so if at any time you have nothing to do on YouTube you can go to this section and find out what the rest of the world sees the most.
  • Allows subscribing to channels to be aware of all the new content that is transmitted in it and even see the previous content, also offers the option to activate a bell that alerts you when a new video has been uploaded to that channel.
  • YouTube takes your opinion into account and therefore allows you to add content and evaluate the content of the channels giving like or dislike to the videos.
  • It offers live content from the different channels that can transmit them and a live chat to chat with the channel at the time of the live.
  • It offers quality varieties in the videos according to the format that the channel has uploaded, going from 144P the lowest video quality up to 4K the best video quality so far.


  • Operating system: Android 4.0 or higher.
  • Processor: Everyone.
  • Memory: 512MB of RAM (It is recommended to have 2 GB for a more optimal experience).
  • GPU: All are compatible (A current one is recommended to watch videos in 4K)
  • Internet connection.

To download YouTube for Android APK

To download you can click here. You will be sent to the official Android store from which you can run the download safely and instantly, you just have to click on download and then wait for the process that is automatic.

Once you have downloaded YouTube on your Android device it will be automatically synchronized with your Google account which will allow you to have your favorite channels from the application and all your other updated information.

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