If there’s one thing people enjoy these days without becoming bored, it’s instant messaging. With lots of instant messaging apps including Yahoo messenger people now send and receive messages immediately.

The instant messaging app from Yahoo.com is one that has popularized over time even amongst e-mail users. It allows you send an instant messages in form of chats to other users.

Whether they’re online or not, they will certainly receive and see your message. If they ae online, they will see your message. If they’re offline as at the time of sending the message, the message appears as offline message, which the recipients still see when they Sign in their messenger account.

To sign in Yahoo messenger is simple and straightforward. As long as you remember your Yahoo mail login details; which are your e-mail address and your login password.

There is no other big thing required to use and chat with this messenger app. Interestingly, the app is available for Android and iOS cell phone versions.

Yahoo messenger app is also available for free download. So what are you waiting to begin downloading the app to your cell phone.

Download and begin chatting with friends on the go! You can share files, including photos, videos and more using the Messenger platform. There are stickers to help bring it all to life.

The stickers and emojis are there to help you express yourself to friends. Share moments using the built in-app features. Yea, the messenger app comes with features which make the app unique.

The charming interface is straightforward and makes for straightforward and convenient usage. This means, messenger app is simple to use; Giving you a user experience like none.

Did I miss to tell you something? Do you know that with the app you can unsend your messages from the conversation. Yea, you can decide to take it all back. This is one incredible feature of the app which wows users.

Why Use Yahoo Messenger App – Features

The all new Yahoo Messenger app is one fast, convenient and simple way to send messages to friends, chat and share files with them. Below are few features of the new messaging app which makes it more than simply a messenger;

1. The Yahoo messaging app makes a way for straightforward and fast sending and receiving of messages.

2. Let your recipients get the messages immediately.

3. You can chat one-on-one or in groups using the app.

4. Take it all back! Yap, just tap “Unsend” to remove all messages, including photos you have sent in the conversation.

5. The offline/low connectivity mode lets everything you share be posted once you are back online.

6. There are animated GIFs to express yourself.

7. Swipe to view photos magnificently displayed in a carouse.

8. Instantly share lots of videos and high resolution photos in one go.

9. You can “Like” messages and photos in the conversation.

10. The Yahoo messenger app has a lovely interface which makes it all super!

Download and enjoy new experience of chatting with friends, share photos and videos. Do share this tip about Yahoo messenger with your friends. And make your comments and contributions using the comment box below.