X Icon Changer Mod APK 2.2.7 Update – How to Download X Icon for Android: X Icon Changer is a brilliant useful app that you can use to change up your apps’ icons with unique designs. If you want to give your smartphone a new and fully customized look, this is the app for you. With it, you can swap out one icon for one more, including those you design yourself

Description X Icon Changer

With X Icon Changer, customization is so much easier and you can testify that it’s probably the most useful apps that you can ever download on your cell phone.

You can use this X Icon Changer to change and customise icons in your device, and also their names. You also need to know that the app can be used by all age groups and it’s designed by Aster Play.

Another thing is that the app comes with numerous icons that you can use to customise your apps. You can easily access the icons from the gallery and the gallery has lots of customized icons and also app icons that you can make use of.

You can be capable to create home screen shortcuts without stress, using this app.

You can easily decorate your cell phone and add style to your home screen just by downloading this app.

How to Use X Icon Changer

There are some easy steps on how to use this X Icon Changer and we are going to check out them. Follow the steps below to understand how to use the X icon changer app:

  • The very first thing you need to do is to download and install the X icon changer app on your cell phone.
  • Then you open the app.
  • Once the app is open, you can then choose the app you wish to personalize.
  • Then you choose the picture you would like to use. You can select from your gallery.
  • After that, you can then change the name of the personalised app.
  • Check for the changed name of the app on your phone’s home screen.

With that, you have customized your app. You can see how easy using this app is.

You should even have in mind that there are some features that you’re going to notice which include the watermark. The watermark will automatically appear on the shortcut icon of personalised apps. But it depends on the version of the phone you are using.

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You can remove or leave the watermark feature on your customized apps if you wish. You should also know that it’s not difficult to remove the watermark.

X Icon Changer Mod Apk Free Download

You should try and download the modified version of this X Icon Changer app so that you’re going to be capable to enjoy an enhanced user experience. Some of the unique features that come with this version are:

  • Bug fixes
  • Removed Ads
  • SSL Secured Encryption

What does icon changer do?

The simplest way to decorate your android. Icon Changer is the application that makes a shortcut with a new icon on the home screen. The icon can be chosen from the gallery and much of icon packs. … The changed icon will come on the home screen.

How do I alter the icons on my Android home screen?

Tap the menu button in the top left, and choose My Stuff. At the top of the screen, tap the Icons option. Then tap the icon pack you wish to apply. At the bottom of the page, select the Apply option. 
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