Download WT Social for Android

Just 1 month after the end of 2019, Jimmy Wales, founder and director of Wikipedia, has decided to launch a very interesting new initiative that bears the name of Social WikiTribune or WT, a social network based on sharing information and news.

Download WT Social Free for Android

According to Wales, he is tired of seeing how Facebook users share content that does not bring anything favorable to society other than laughs, that do no harm or harm, however there is no constructive content on current social networks and that should change.

“Goodbye Facebook is time for something new” were the textual words of Wales who is completely determined to achieve their goal and make WT Social a successful social network and, above all, and more importantly a social network of great benefit to each of its users .

WT Social Features

It is a platform in which we can create a user and browse the different contents that it offers us, which are created by the other users of the same platform, that is, a social network where the content is fully distributed by the same users.

WT Social Features

The topics are displayed on the main screen which will have a button to join with which we can access them and follow them to keep us informed about the news and changes that occur within that specific group.

One of the best news is that it will be a social network completely free of advertising because Wales communicates that it will be maintained thanks to donations from users, this makes advertising unnecessary.

WT Social requirements for Android

The official WT Social application for Android is not yet available in the Play Store, as soon as it is available we will be one of the first to bring it to you as soon as possible.

Download WT Social for Android

If you want to use the platform that shares links with Wikipedia from your Android device, you can click here. That link connects to the official website of Wikitribune Social.

Download WT Social for Android

To download WT Social free for Android we will have to wait a little while until it is officially available in the Play Store, if this website plans to compete against Facebook it is only a matter of time for it to be available in the Play Store.

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