WhatsApp messenger Android app is an instant messaging app that’s very popular amongst instant messaging media world in our modern time. WhatsApp has millions of users and download from all around the globe.

It is free for download and available for all smartphone users including Android, iOS, Windows phone. All you need is have an online connection and you can download and use WhatsApp on your phone.

In this post, I share with you below the direct link to WhatsApp Messenger Android app download which lets you download the app to your phone; And if you’re using iOS device including iPhone, iPad, then you can download WhatsApp for iOS here.

WhatsApp Messenger Android App Download & Features

WhatsApp has a really lovely and user-friendly interface that makes it easier for users to conveniently navigate the messenger.

WhatsApp doesn’t require your call credit to function, instead it uses your mobile data or internet connection for its operation and function.

To complete WhatsApp messenger Android app download is free, in other words WhatsApp is free for download, you only need an online connection to complete the download.

You can send every kind of files to and fro WhatsApp and your recipient gets them immediately.

Sharing of photos and videos is feasible via WhatsApp.

No more texting, chat and send your messages to friends via WhatsApp and they’ll receive them right away.

How about call? WhatsApp messenger app comes with the feature that enable you make free audio and video calls across WhatsApp.

Download WhatsApp – WhatsApp Messenger Android App Download

To download WhatsApp is simple and straightforward. All you need do is click on the link below and on the next page, click on “Install” to complete the WhatsApp messenger Android app download. Click Here to Download App