WhatsaApp App Free Download – WhatsApp as amongst the most popular Instant messaging app is not new to many Android cell phone users. At least not in this our present days. It is one sleak app with millions of users all over the world.

WhatsApp app free download is available for all Android cell phone users to download and download for free. It doesn’t matter your kind of phone, just so long as it’s Android smartphone, then you are good for WhatsApp app free download.

Meanwhile, WhatsApp is not only available for Android phone users, it’s also available for those who use iPhone, iPad i.e those who use iOS version mobile can download WhatsApp app to their phone.

WhatsaApp App Free Download Features

There is completely no fee for you to pay for WhatsApp app free download, which means it’s free for download.

WhatsApp doesn’t use your call card for its operation instead it requires your mobile data or internet connection.

With WhatsApp app free download for mobile, WhatsApp will only use your phone’s internet connection (4G/3G/2G/EDGE or WiFi just available) to let you message and receive messages.

You can make both video and audio calls with WhatsApp instant messaging app. It is entirely free so long as you have internet connection.

You can host a group chats with friends or colleagues on the go. Share a public information within the group, connect and reach more people of same interest just without delay.

Sharing of multimedia files over WhatsApp is so possible. WhatsApp app free download lets you send and receive photos, videos, and other form of multimedia files.

Download WhatsApp Messenger App

Thanks to WhatsApp because you can run WhatsApp web. This is a feature that comes with WhatsApp free download, it allows you make use of WhatsApp over your computer system browser.

No username, password or PIN is required to use WhatsApp, thus it is quite convenient using WhatsApp instant messenger app.

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