Viber app free download for Android is an instant messaging app just like WhatsApp, Imo and the rest of other instant messaging apps. It is an Android app which is also available for iOS users. At the end of this post, you’ll be capable to download Viber to your Android device. It is complete free with no charge, and you go having fun and chatting with friends.

Viber App Free Download Features

viber packs all the essential features of current instant messenger apps and even more for all of its user worldwide. Here are the free viber Android app download features you stand to enjoy when you download Viber app;

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1. Send and receive instant messages over Viber app when you download the app.

2. Just as the title of this post suggests, Viber download is utterly free so long as you are connected over the internet.

3. Users of viber app can make calls across other users. And calls on Viber is free without charges, just so long as you are connected the internet.

4. Never let anyone who matter to you miss any of the moments. Simply set up a group on Viber for your family, close friends or colleagues of same interest or goals.

5. Viber offers you stickers and GIFs to add life to the convo while messaging your Viber friends.

6. Share photos, stickers, send free texts messages and videos etc. There is no limitation to what you can send or share on Viber;

Viber Android App Download

Click on the link below to get started with Viber app download, and on the next page click “Install” to complete the app installation and have Viber app running in your cell phone.

Download app here and enjoy instant messaging with family and friends. Stay connected at all time, share moments, enjoy and have fun.