Top 5 Best Antivirus Apps For Android Mobile Phones.

The emergence of android mobile device has come with lots of applications developed for android devices including these best Antivirus Apps listed here. These Antivirus apps offer protection and mobile security to android phone devices. Such security and protection ranges from preventing and handling virus attack, malwares, protects privacy to protecting against other threats.

Some of these apps go out of the box to enable users locate their device in the case of loss, deleting contents to protect privacy, uninstall devices, stop undesirable calls and messages, offers blacklisting features, alarm, back up and much more.

Lets look at some of the best antivirus apps you can use for your android mobile devices.

1. Avast Mobile Security best antivirus apps

Avast Mobile Security is amongst the most popular antivirus apps, made by Avast, the security app is only one of those you can depend on for your cell phone security as it’s capable of offering great protection to your mobile device.

The App security ensures your device is protected from malicious files and freed from malware and viruses even as you surf the internet. The app offers real-time protection with the device and app scanning features.

Avast also enables you take charge and full control, block calls, lock apps. With the anti-theft features, you can remote lock your mobile device in the event of loss.

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2. Comodo Mobile Security (CM Security) best antivirus apps

CM Security is an Android based Antivirus app offering exclusive mobile security for mobile devices. It secures mobile devices from intruders who run malicious apps and try to gain access to your private information and data.

CM Security is designed to stop and kick off malicious infections and viruses from your mobile device and keep them freed from virus and from interference of malicious files and apps. With the app you can secure and protect your photos, videos, personal contacts and much more. The app is capable of detecting files which pose threat to your device.

While it can be used to block undesirable calls, the app serves as a terrific App locker – which means it can be used to keep off intruders from accessing your cell phone applications, files and data. Interestingly the app takes photos of intruders who try to access your device.

3. Avira Antivirus Security best antivirus apps

Avira Antivirus app secures your device by employing great features that allows the app scan your device and also scan through files, apps and even memory card(external SD)

The app offers real-time protection. The Stagefright advisor enables one work on a particular threat and vulnerability, with the anti-theft features, you can locate your device in the case of loss, and then remotely lock it and as well delete its content if need be- your privacy is protected!

All your photos, videos, contacts are all protected from mobile threats. The identity Safeguard monitors for web and e-mail attack. The app also comes with the blacklisting feature amongst many others.

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4. TrustGo Antivirus best antivirus apps

TrustGo antivirus and mobile security app is a robust antivirus and security mobile app. While offering basic mobile protection, it’s designed to do far more than securing your device. The app fully scans your mobile device including every app and files thereby protecting your device from Trojan, malwares and viruses by detecting those those malicious apps carrying those viruses that steal private data from your mobile device.

The privacy advisor enables you view easily the privacy-related apps in order to identify and stop risks. With the app manager you can easily remove or uninstall such apps which you don’t use, while offering real-time protection which also monitors installation process.

Also locate your device in the case of theft or loss and as well delete or wipe data to protect your privacy. It gives a warning notification when it identifies unsafe WiFi and blocks malicious URLs for safe browsing. It is among the best antivirus apps which you can give a try!

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5. Norton mobile Security best antivirus apps

This Security app gives range of protection to your mobile device. While protecting your device from viruses, it also prevents stealing of private information from your device.

The app comes with anti-theft features which enables you locate your device when lost. with the premium version you get far more features including blockage of undesirable calls and SMS.

Norton Mobile security app allows you delete contents in the event of loss, thereby protecting your privacy.

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