Stanbic Banking App – Download for Android iPhone Chromebook

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Do you know that you can do your banking anywhere you are with your cell phone or laptop. Also, manage your savings account and other accounts with this app.

Stanbic bank mobile app is the only self branch you have for managing and controlling how transactions are executed in your bank account. Have you experienced the happiness of viewing your account balance anytime you want? You won’t only view your account balance but also do your banking, invest money, track your pension savings account, and do other mobile banking.

More so, the interface is easily crafted with friendly designs so that users will find it fun and simple while exploring through the self-service programmed application. For you to have access to the app you must be a Stanbic bank customer with an up and running bank account in the bank.

As an app that’s available for all smartphones so that customers can access it all the time, see how to do Stanbic banking app download for android. Get it for any of your phones, whether Android, Java, or iOS. Use the official website for accessing this online banking from your PC.

Stanbic Banking App Download for Mobile Phone

You will make payments and receive the receipt of payments when you have this app, installed right on your smartphone. More so, tracking your pension savings and adding beneficiaries to your transfer list is only a few steps away when you. Use the Following Steps to have the Stanbic Banking App in your cell phone in couple of minutes

  1. Visit Google play store or App Store from the cell phone Or Click Here.
  2. Go to the search column at the center top of the page to look for “Stanbic app”.
  3. When the result appears alongside other related banking apps, tap on the Stanbic app.
  4. Hit the Install button to download.
  5. Install the downloaded app after you are done with the download.
  6. Login the app with your internet banking login details.

On the contrary, if you haven’t signed up for an online account you can just sign up the mobile account now with your account number, Stanbic bank card, and e-Token. With these and other supplementary passwords for authenticating transactions, you are good to go.

Stanbic App Download for PC

Stanbic mobile banking app is the internet self-service offered to customers of this honorable financial establishment anywhere around the globe. If you don’t feel like accessing the app from your phone you can just beckon the internet accounts to start from there.

That is why you shouldn’t bother yourself when the smartphone isn’t there but you wish to check your bank account. Get the internet banking account signed up to be

  • Sending money to any bank in Nigeria with an easy click.
  • Track your pension account.
  • Use the same login details for internet banking for your mobile banking. It’s the same single login.
  • Also, enjoy the advantages of moving into your account anytime you want.
  • From your cell phone you can track your account balance.
  • Make transfers, buy airtime for yourself and friends, pay for NEPA bills, subscribe to your cable TV, and schedule payments with same app.
  • However, customers are able to exhibit any kind of payment when their account is funded because the money used is from their respective bank accounts.

These and more are all you’re going to get to enjoy when you download Stanbic banking app or do Stanbic banking app download for Android.

How to Send Money with Stanbic Bank App

Do you know that you can send money between your own accounts, to your bank, to another bank account in another bank without unnecessary charges?. Upon that, you’ll receive PDF version of your bank statement for the month. More so, receipt of transfers done will be sent to the connected e-mail address.

To send money into another account you must be the bank account details such as the

  • Bank account number.
  • The name of the bank.
  • Name of the account.
  • Amount you plan to pay-in.
  • The authentication pin for your bank app.

Login the banking app, hit the Transfer button to indicate if the transfer is for your bank or other banks. Follow the on-screen prompts to provide details as demanded by the page. You will receive a confirmation message and also a debit alert when a transfer transaction is successful.

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