Shazam is a music app which helps users to identify any song by sampling the song. What this means is that with Shazam you’ll be capable to detect and play any song on your phone. In this post, we will show you how to download Shazam music app, how to use Shazam app to identify any music and play the music. Shazam app will also help you find music artist and the lyrics of the song altogether.

Shazam uses inbuilt artificial intelligence listening tool with the help of its inbuilt microphone to detect the song playing nearby it, and divulges the song to you. What this means is that you don’t need to ask the person playing the song the name of the song. All you need do is, hear a song playing, turn on your Shazam app, and it will automatically pick up the songs, find it for you and show up the result so you can play and enjoy the song right in your phone device.

How Does Shazam Online Music App Work?

Shazam works by uploading series of songs to its database which it will deliver to you as user when you sample same song from another device. I will explain this in a pretty simple expression so you can understand how Shazam works. Assuming you are playing a given song in your phone or CD music player, and that I like the song, once I have Shazam app installed in my phone, the only thing I need to do to be capable to play same song in my device, what I will do, is solely turn on my Shazam app, bring my phone mic or mouth piece near the source of the music playing. The closeness is just as such that Shazam can pick the sound.

Once Shazam hears the song playing, automatically it makes a search in its database to find the song and then present it to you so you can play it right from Shazam music app.

Shazam app can identify any song playing as long as there isn’t any noise interfering with the Shazam ability to pick up the song playing precisely and as long as the songs is available on Shazam music and song database.

Shazam is available to Android phone users, macOS, iOS, watchOs, Windows and tvOs

And you have seen what you can do with the app and a few of its awesome features which includes identifying songs easily with one tap, finding music lyrics, find music even when offline, find songs you may like even when you leave the app using the auto Shazam feature.

You can even find what music is popular in your town, city or country. This and lots of more are what Shazam application can do for you. So go ahead now, download Shazam today and enjoy!