See Best Video Calling App  – Do you want to know the video calling apps for laptop? Then you are in the right place. I’m going to show you the best way to communicate using your laptop wherever you are at any time, just keep reading this article for full details. I believe you have been hearing of video and audio calls on phones, well it can even be done on a laptop. But there some users who don’t know that video and audio calls are also available on laptop or PC. Don’t worry anymore if you’re before, today I will reveal the apps or software you can use to make calls for communication on laptops.

Best Video Calling App

Video Calling Apps for Laptop

Now nothing beats face to face conversations, but when distance prevents that from happening then you should make video calls because they’re the best nest thing you should do. With this video call, you can have real-time conversations that come with a video feed with friends, business associates, and family. Now video calls became very fast and necessity than a luxury in this age. There are many applications you can use for this job; I’m going to show you.

Video Calling App for Windows 10

Like I have said earlier there are numerous applications you can use for video calls and also audio calls. Here are some of them:

  • Skype.
  • WhatsApp.
  • Google Hangouts.
  • ooVoo.
  • Facetime.
  • LINE.
  • Viber.
  • WeChat.
  • Wire.
  • Talky.

These are some of the applications you can use for calls on laptop.


Skype is among the popular apps you can use for calls on laptops. This app has been around for about 15 years and lots of consider it the best free video conference software. Also, Skype is simple and easy to use interface is one of its most striking features. The app has evolved greatly over time and there’s a paid and free version for it now. Although, you can make free calls to anyone with the Skype app while the paid service lets you make calls to any mobile number, anywhere in the world.


Now WhatsApp is arguably probably the most popular Skype alternatives, even though much of its popularity is owed to the mobile application. To use this WhatsApp on PC is very easy and easy just download the application for your PC version. But you should know that it doesn’t give room for video calls, it allows users to share images, documents, videos and much more.

Google Hangouts

Google as a platform entered the digital communication niche with a straightforward e-mail service. It has grown in leaps and bounds ever for a really long time now. Google Hangouts is probably the greatest free video chat apps around. With it, you can make free video calls to anyone with a Gmail ID. Also, the video chat rooms can accommodate up to 10 people at any given point in time, it can be accessed via Gmail or Google web application.


Now the oovoo video calls and messaging app is fairly popular. This platform major strength lies in its user-friendly interface. It is called a mini social media platform; you can make unlimited voice and video calls using the app. Also, it gives room for conference calls; it can only accommodate 8 people.


The Facetime is another app that was mainly designed for mobile platforms but has successfully incorporated features that afford users unlimited video talk time via computers. It makes use of your PC’s built-in cam software. Also, it delivers excellent video feeds when calling, it doesn’t matter whether the receiver is making use of their front or rear camera. You can easily trust Facetime to automatically adjust and deliver a wonderful view.


THE Line is on the Asian content because it was launched by developers in Japan. Line is more popular on mobile devices; there’s also a window version of the app that can be installed on PC. It guarantees high-quality video feeds and also has a formidable collection of emoticons that comes in handy when making use of the chat feature. You can even share videos, audio messages, and images.


The Viber has numerous features and also user-friendly interface makes it impossible to leave it out on the list of best free video calling apps. Like other apps, Viber has an enormous mobile following but its face chat for PC remains comparatively unpopular. It lets you sync your mobile application with your Windows Viber software. Also, give room for chatting with other users and boast an enormous collection of stickers.


WeChat you see is among the nest known free group video chat applications. It is available in PC and MAC OS in addition to mobile platforms. Now when you install the WeChat software, you can connect with other WeChat via chats and video calls. Once you log in to the website the app will no longer send you notifications to you but your’s very nice for video call, it lets you transfer files from one user to the other.


This platform was developed by a set of engineers that created Skype. It is open-source software that works alternatively to Skype. It is probably the greatest video calling app, it gives you room to make encrypted audio conference calls and video calls. Video conference capability is 1:1 communication. But they will soon introduce a group video conference call feature. You can set up a work and private profile on the Wire app.


Now if you’re looking to set up a video chat in record time, then Talky is the right option. The web application doesn’t require any signup or plugin, what you need to do is to add the extension to your browser. Then set up the video chat with just one click, you can even share screen and lock rooms on the app.