Sarahah Messenger download for Android

Sarahah Messenger download for Android. It is an app based on the popular instant messaging that is very fashionable now; this will allow sending messages to other users who have the application installed on their computers, with the difference that in this case it is a totally anonymous message. The only requirement that the application asks you to be able to work perfectly and without problems will be to provide an email that is working.

Sarahah download for Android

You can find people from anywhere in the world using the search engine that already incorporates the same application so you can talk with other people without knowing exactly who it is. Although there is the possibility of getting people known to use the same application that is not very simple as explained by the creators themselves; in the profile of the person we can only find your username almost always completely invented and the avatar you have chosen to show.

Features – Sarahah Messenger

  • We have the possibility to choose if we want to appear in the search engine of the application allowing being found by other users through it.
  • There is the possibility of blocking users with whom we do not want to talk at that time or at any other time, so it will be very easy to get rid of unwanted people who have obtained your username.
  • It is totally free so it will not be necessary to pay any kind of payment to be able to use it, a great advantage taking into account the endless number of uses that you can give it taking advantage of the tools that it offers.
  • It can be used as a private chat between friends in the same way that we use it anonymously to communicate with people from any other part of the world.


  • Operating System: Android 4.0.4 or higher
  • Size: 13 MB

Download Sarahah Messenger

You can directly access the download page by clicking here

This application can have an endless number of uses so supervision over minors is recommended since it is an anonymous chat and you can find any kind of person from the other side of the conversation, this application is recommended for users of legal age. It is designed as a work tool in which you can find potential customers in all parts of the world make friends in other locations or just chat with your friends in a more private and secures way.

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