Are you in search of how to play and download PUBG mobile on PC? Then you got to the right place, as we’re going to offer you detailed steps and knowledge to play PUBG on your computer. This includes the PUBG PC LITE version and the PUBG PC full version, and also how to run it with an emulator.

PUBG stands for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, and it’s known to be the NO. 1 Trending online battle royale online games which are available for both Smartphones and PC’s.

The PUBG game was designed and developed by PUBG company led by Brendan Greene, which is known by the online handle “PlayerUnknown.”

The setup and installation are effortless to apply as you can download and run the PUBG PC and LITE.

PUBG Mobile can be run on virtually all Windows PC. If and only if the computer hardware specs can relate to the hardware requirements of the PUBG game.

PUBG is a battle royale game that indicates it’s all about survival, as it keeps the characters on an island while the gamers warm-up and are taken in an airplane, and 100 players are dropped from the aircraft with parachutes.

Each Player begins the hunt and hustle to be the last survivor and last man standing, as you undergo diverse camps and building to get loots, guns, shields( Bullet-proof vests and Helmets).

A terrific thing you landed on this page today, as we’re going to offer you the detailed guide on how to play in addition to download PUBG on PC.

Many game players feel more snug on the Laptop when playing games. So below, you’ll see how to get both the paid and free(lite) variants of PUBG PC.

Xbox and The PlayStation

Gamers can play the PUBG game on their diverse consoles by Buying the Game CD online or at a close by shop.

However, the PUBG was only made available to the Xbox game console, but now it’s freely available for the Playstation. If you occur to own the Playstation 4 console, you can either buy the Game CD or buy online and download on your console.

Download: PUBG Mobile Game

This is a game built to run correctly for smartphones and tab, even although we just showed you how to run this game on PC via emulators.

The games are built and designed under the brand name Tencent Games, and it’s available for both Android Gamers and iOS gamers.

Gamers would find it easy to install the game on their mobile smartphone by merely heading on to the Playstore or App stores.

For Smartphones with low-end specs and features, you can play the Lite Version of PUBG Mobile.


This LTE version is built for android devices with little gaming power. And is compatible with low or old android versions (4.0.3) requiring small memory space.

Can I Play PUBG On PC?

Oh Yes! you can freely play PUBG on Windows 10 and buy from PUBG official site and Steam Game Play Store.

Must I Pay for PUBG to play on PC?

YES, you have to buy the PUBG game before having the ability to play it. Although using an Emulator to play PUBG Mobile could be an improvisation.

What’s The Cost Of PUBG GAME for PC?

PUBG holds a cost price of over $30 in the USA and in the UK, it costs about 28 euros.

What Is The Official Website Of PUBG?

The official website of PUBG is Feel free to head on to get legit updates and news, allow side download patches on the website.


If you have any issues, you can head up to twitter and contact the PUBG playing Support @PUBG_Support and lay your complaints.

Thanks for your time, we hope you have learned on how to download, install, and play PUBG PC for free using an emulator and also buying the PUBG PC game from Steam.

As well as installing the PUBG Lite for PC for those with low-end devices.

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