Prologue for Windows: The new game of PUBG

The creators of PUBG have recently launched a game called the individual PUBG game, supposedly a title that had time in development and that now in late 2019 has come to light with some images that demonstrate how the game could be in its final phase.

The developers had mentioned a long time ago that they planned to create a game that had a much more visually enriched environment and that allowed users to play individually, that is, without an internet connection, maybe this game.

The game will be called Prologue, it was one of the advances that were made known to us with the video trailer they launched recently, in addition to not offering a specific date in which the game will be announced, they have not shown us the way in which it will be played, not even the character’s camera.

Prologue features

Prologue features are very limited so far, since very little is known about the launch and development of the game, the producers have not wanted to offer more details that may compromise the development of the game, they know they have a good game in their hands and prefer to shut up until you have a much more complete idea.

Prologue is a game produced by the creator of Player Unknown Battleground, pioneer in Battleground game modes which are currently the official trend for most shooting games; including popular titles such as CoD (Call of Duty) and Battlefield have been added to it.

What is known with certainty of Prologue is that it will be a title with incredible graphics, so it is seen in the 30-second trailer the setting that it offers is fabulous, in some part of the trailer they show some images that make us believe that The game will be in the first person, but they are only guesses that we will see in the near future.

Prologue Requirements

The minimum or recommended requirements to offer them here are not yet official; however taking into account the images that are seen in the safe trailer is a game of the size of games with great graphic section, so the requirements could be similar to those of a Far Cry 5 or a Modern Warfare CoD.


If you wish to obtain the direct download of the game once it is available press the download button that we leave you below, it will send you to the official page where you can apply to receive news about it when it is available.

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