Other than the Apple and Samsung upcoming devices rocking the mobile trends, the Pokemon Go game is what’s currently trending in the mobile gaming world.

Yes, you read that right. If by any chance, you haven’t heard of the Pokemon Go game before now, then trust me, you are missing out on plenty of mobile tech news. Well, I assume that’s why you have TechsNG.

Pokemon Go was released a few weeks back and it’s been topping the mobile chart since then. According to statistics, Pokemon game tops twitter in daily users and has higher engagement levels than Facebook. Yes, it’s that addictive.

The Pokemon Go game essentially uses your phone’s GPS and camera functionalities as Pokémons will appear in the real world using the phone’s camera and the player is anticipated to capture the Pokemons.

Unfortunately, the game isn’t available in Nigeria yet but for those who are keen in getting the game set and running on their Android or iPhone, we’ve got your back.

Downloading Pokemon Go On Android

There are essentially three ways you can get the game on your Android smart phone. But not to worry, I won’t bug you with all three. Instead, I’d render the simplest method and that’s really downloading the apk app directly.

To download Pokemon Go on your Android smart phone, click Here.

Download Pokemon Go Game on iPhone

Downloading the game on an iPhone isn’t as easy as illustrated in the Android version, and that’s because of iOS limitations. Point is, you can still get that done.

Steps To Download

  • Log out of your App store account ( Go to settings > iTunes & App store, app on Apple ID and choose to sign out)
  • Change the region on your device ( Go to settings > General, navigate right down to Language & Region and tap on it,  choose a region where the app is usable. Example, United States).
  • Now, click HERE to download Opera VPN app. When prompt to enter your Apple ID,  choose to create new. You should create an US Apple ID this timeGuide 1 | Guide 2.
  • After launching Opera VPN, choose to connect to an US server. After successful connection, move on to the next step.
  • Download the Pokemon GO Game from the App store, follow the onscreen instructions and enjoy.

Since the Pokemon Go game isn’t available in Nigeria yet (we hope it will soon), there might be difficulties in seeing Pokémon in every location. So, I assume you should must keep trying. But please, play with caution. The game can be very addictive.