ooVoo App – Download ooVoo App Free Android APK Latest Version – Hey, are you searching for an App that enables you stay connected with people who matter most to you? Then, download ooVoo App free Android APK Latest version and stay connected with family, friends and colleagues.

What a social App that provides you with a prime quality video chat, messaging, and voice calls. ooVoo allows you make memories and share with family and friends just all around the globe anytime, anywhere.

ooVoo App – Download ooVoo App Free Android APK Latest Version.

Download ooVoo App free android APK Latest version today, if you actually want to make those quality chats and then keep in touch with your loved ones.

ooVoo App free Android APK Features;

1. With the free in-app calling, make free voice calls to family, friends and colleagues for so long as you like.

2. ooVoo supports cross-device support which means that you can reach friends whether or not they’re on a phone, computer or tablet.

3. Send free SMS, GIFs, videos and photos.

4. Allows you switch to one-touch calling which means you can easily move from messaging to video chat

5. Make free one-on-one or group video calling with up to 12 people at a time.

6.  ooVoo provides social media integration – enabling you easy invite and adding of your friends to ooVoo by connecting your Address Book, Facebook, and WhatsApp accounts.

7. The Superior Audio – Echo cancellation for crystal-clear audio sound.

8. ooVoo detects and adjusts to your connection speed, which means fewer dropped calls.

9. Clear video chat over any type of network – 3G, 4G, WiFi, LTE without increase in data usage.

Download ooVoo App free Android APK and See What’s New;

* Introducing masks that makes your ooVoo calls better just in time for Halloween. This allows you wear a mustache, video chat as a clown, pick a panda, or be a lemon.

* Get Started by just tapping the smiley face icon in your ooVoo call.

* Pesky bugs squashed.

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