New Games 2020 for PC

Today we bring a group of most anticipated games of 2020, the most acclaimed titles and with more audience waiting that have been seen so far for the PC platform with an occasional surprise out there.

Computer games have evolved in such a way that it is not only possible to play Computer titles exclusively but also to play titles from various platforms through online platforms or through emulators.

BioShock 4

The game that told the story of how Elizabeth escapes with the help of a former agent of an intelligence agency, reaches a quarter with the name of BioShock 4, a game full of action and adventure without limits from the hand of 2K Games again .

The game has been a success in its previous 3 installments and it is expected that 4 deliveries is even better than the previous ones.

Age of Empire IV

A game of strategy, history and adventure that brings together action and intelligence, that is Age of Empire which in its previous installments has unleashed the worst digital wars of all, with very well done environments and a very interesting story to tell.

It is a game that tells the events that took place from the Stone Age to the Iron Age, telling how the wars and evolution were until man managed to overcome himself and how much it cost him to achieve it.

Cyberpunk 2077

Cyberpunk 2077 is a game with a futuristic setting, in which we can control a character named V (five) who manages a large arsenal of weapons that they will use to fight their enemies, the game is based on the old board game of Cyberpunk 2020 and now an adaptation is being made to new technologies.

Cyberpunk have been in development for over a year and it has been announced numerous times by all video game sites, it has a very rich graphic setting and an interesting story with which to entertain us a good time.

The Last of Us 2

Definitely one of the most anticipated games for 2020 by lovers of the first installment, a title that has no comparison and that will only be available for the PlayStation platform and for computers thanks to the PS Now service.

The Last of Us is a game that tells the story of Joel and Eli two people who are alone in a world devastated by a virus that turned the whole city into zombies and looking to survive with mutual help.

The first installment focused in some way on the gameplay with Joel and the way he made the decisions to survive, the second installment tells the story centered on Eli and the decisions she makes for her survival.

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