Latest Google Plus App – Download Google plus App For Android & iOS Smartphones

Download Google plus for Android & iOS Phones– Google plus is an interest-based social network owned by Google. It is Google’s fourth foray into social networking, following Google Buzz, Google friend connect and Orkut.

The app comes lovely design which redefines the app and this makes it a lot easier and straightforward for user – say it’s user friendly is not in anyway wrong.

Download google plus App for android & iPhone and begin sharing your photos, post status updates and share with stream of interest based communities. More so, with google plus download, you can even group several types of relationship into circles.

There are more features which comes when you download google plus app, such as multi-person instant messaging, text and video chat known as Hangouts, there’s location tagging, ability to edit and upload photos to private cloud-based albums.

Download Google Plus App & See Other Features With Google plus download

User Profile: Other social networking services include letting people know you with the about section, background photo, cover photo, previous work and school history, places lived and an area to post status updates.

You can even link to other social media accounts of yours with google plus, any blog you own or have written or sites in which you’re a contributor to.


Circles is another feature connected to google plus. When you download google plus , you’ll have the ability to organize people into groups or lists for sharing across numerous Google services and products. And you can share specific content to only that circle which you have created.

Although work themed content can be shared with only colleagues and one’s family and friends could see more personal content and photos. The option to share public or with everyone seems to be also available.

Controlling the content of one’s stream is another function of Circles. As a google plus user, you may click on a circle on the left side of the page and the Stream portion of the page will contain only posts shared by users in that Circle.

Google+ pages:

Google plus pages allow businesses( entities that aren’t individuals)  to connect with fans by setting up profiles referred to as “pages”. It is similar to Facebook pages.

+1 Button:

This is similar to Facebook like button, it lets people recommend sites and parts of sites.


Privacy setting allow users disclose certain information to the circles of their choice, and users can even see visitors to their profile.

Google+ Communities:

The google plus communities allow users create ongoing conversations about particular topics.

Thee are also the “google+ views”, “google+ badges”, “What’s Hot” and more.

Just simply download google plus app for your android smartphones or iOS iPhone and enjoy all the features.

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