Jamendo Music APK App Download – Discover, listen to & download 500,000+ tracks FOR FREE & without any adverts. Featuring independent artists only. Join a community of true music lovers and explore a new musical universe beyond the familiar mainstream selection!

Jamendo is a Luxembourg-based music website and an open community of independent artists and music lovers. A subsidiary of Belgian company Audio Valley, and Independent Management Entity (IME) since 2019.

Originally, Jamendo was a music platform under Creative Commons licenses. As of October 2015, Jamendo no longer presents itself as such but rather as a free streaming service for private use. The stated purpose of Jamendo is to bring together musicians and music lovers, while providing opportunities for artists to become better known and earn money through its licensing services

Jamendo is the #1 independent music app: share and support more than 40,000 independent artists from all over the world.

Features of Jamendo Music APK App Download – Create your free account now:

– Play any song, at any time, on any device, without any interruptions or limitations!

– Help independent artists gain exposure

– Explore hundreds of music genres through our Best-Of, special selections or radio stations

– Be inspired by playlists carefully chosen by music experts: there’s one for each mood!

– Follow your favourite artists and create your own playlists!

– Interact with a community of 3,500,000+ members

How to Download Jamendo Music App

To have the ability to use Jamendo music app for your Mp3 music streaming and listening, you’ll need to create an account on Jamendo website, and have the ability to login at any time. Once you have an account or ready to create and have your own Jamendo account, then proceed with these few steps below to download Jamendo app;

1.. Go to your App store; Here for Android users and here for iOS users

2. Search for Jamendo app using the search bar.

3. You will see the Jamendo music app

4. Tap on “Install”, and the music app will being downloading.

Once downloaded to your phone, simply give Jamendo access to your phone, and it will get fully installed and prepared for your use. Right then, enter your Jamendo login details, and start to enjoy your mp3 music streaming. It is that easy and straightforward!