Share your favourite pics with the world Download Instagram for Android

Download Instagram APK for Android. Having at hand all the images of your favorite artists, your favorite singers or even your family or friends is very simple with the help of the largest social network in the world in terms of photography.

Instagram is the social network with more pictures posted in the world, even beating your partner and pioneer of this activity, such as Facebook. This is because sharing images and videos is much easier and more enjoyable from Instagram than anywhere else.

Currently the application that competes directly with Instagram would be Snapchat and although it has not been successful in becoming the most used application to publish photographs if it has been reported that the application is used to take pictures with its filters and then be uploaded to instagram, a situation undoubtedly something embarrassing and that puts an instagram above at all times.

Features Instagram APK for Android

Instagram is characterized by being an app aimed at people who love photography, whether experts or people who are entering this exciting world, in this section we describe you a little because Instagram is so good for everyone.

  • The use of square photographs that give professional appearance to each of the shots, if you use a good technique you can get an excellent result.
  • Its variety of filters makes it highly recommended for people who like to be retouching the photos before publishing them for everyone.
  • The images that are published in the profile of your account can be completely personalized giving a more personal touch, thus being able to change color tones, add text, interlaced images or in mosaics, among other personalization’s.
  • It allows you to have interaction with other social networks which allows you to publish a single photo from instagram to Facebook, Twitter, among others, something quite useful in what would be content advertising.
  • Apart from having an option to be able to take photos from the same application, it also has the function of being able to modify existing photos in the gallery of the mobile phone.
  • Instagram as we said above is for everyone, so it is also available in 25 different languages, which makes it practically a universal application.


  • Operating System: Android 4.4 or higher
  • Processor: Virtually all
  • Memory: 1 GB of RAM (It is recommended to have 2 GB minimum)
  • Size: 30MB (It is advisable to have at least 300MB)
  • Internet connection

To download Instagram APK for Android

To download this application, click here. You will be redirected to the official Android store where you can download the application easily, you only have to wait for it to download and then open the application.

Once inside you will be asked to create a new Instagram account, but if you already have one you should give the option that appears below that says “I have an account” then you will be asked for your account information and you can start a session fast and simple way.

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