Email is among the most vital means of communication in the modern era. It allows one to send or receive messages in form of text (alphabets, numbers and or symbols), objects (shapes or images of various forms) or files (created documents. books, presentations, PDF etc). In this article on How to Use Zoho Mail, we shall discuss extensively on the how to download and manage Zoho App for both iOS and Android.

Before we continue, lets also look at other e-mail platforms which are also very good.

below are list of other e-mail platforms with little description of services

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  1. You must enter a legitimate e-mail address.
  2. Passwords must be minimum eight characters long. It must contain at least one character each from the
  3. following categories: upper case letters (A-Z), lower case letters (a-z), special characters, and digits (0-9).

Zoho Mail can be configured on any standard IMAP e-mail client using the IMAP and SMTP Server Settings. IMAP is more recent than POP and allows a two-way synchronization between the e-mail clients and your Zoho Mail account.

Zoho Mail Suite provides enterprise features for e-mail hosting to satisfy the needs of organizations of all sorts and sizes. Zoho Mail provides custom domain-based e-mail address for all members of your organization in no time. The entire set up process is easy.

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If you are using Gmail to communicate with your customers, you can integrate your Gmail account with Zoho Subscriptions.

How to download Zoho Mail App

To download and install Zoho App can be as easy as to click on the link below and follow the prompt window options


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