Although there’s Facebook messenger app for iOS and even Windows, but we provide you direct link to download Messenger for Android at the end of this post.

Even more, you can make video and audio calls across Facebook messenger and it’s a lot convenient, easier and saves cost of call-making.

How to Download Facebook Messenger For Android

It is very easy to download messenger app to your Android phone, but before then let’s quickly look into some of the features of messenger app;

You can download Facebook messenger to your Android cell phone device without payment of any kind instead all you need is just a working internet connection.

Sharing of photos and videos is feasible with Facebook messenger download. You can ass filter and send to friends and even share on stories.

Reach out to any of your Facebook messenger friends at anytime by getting on call or a group video.

You can send a voice message, just when text just won’t cut it, simply hit record and send; say, sing, or shout it out loud.

There are so many you can do with Messenger and this is one reason I bring you this post on how to download Facebook messenger for Android.

Download Messenger App – How to Download Facebook Messenger

Get on the chat, text, share photos and videos, chat with business, send message and even play games with friends when you have downloaded Facebook messenger… It is simple and super easy!

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