Easy Way To Viber Account & Download.

Viber Account Registration – Viber App is among the popular instant messaging app which lets you connect with family and friends who are on Viber, by means of making free phone video & audio calls, and sending instant text messages even to other Viber users.

Once you have already got Viber account, you can begin connecting over mobile networks such as WiFi or 3G…and this is available to all smartphone android users.

Interestingly, Viber doesn’t require much of your details to create the Viber Account, instead it requires your phone number just like WhatsApp.

In this article we’re going to reveal and teach you how to create Viber account, and as well how to download Viber Android mobile device to your smartphone device.

To register or create account on Viber is pretty simple, direct and easier…just read below.

How To Create Viber Account;

Unlike some other instant messaging app, Viber offers you two different approaches to creating  account; which are either;

  • Download the app and then register with the App
  • Or you register on the Viber online website platform before you decide to download the app. Either way you’ll have your valid Viber account created and prepared.

To register on Viber website without Viber App, follow the easy guide below;

1. Visit the Viber platform on www.account.viber.com

2. Click on “Create Account” – It is at the top left hand side of the home page.

3. Enter your cell phone number and check the security box to prove you are human (and not robot)

4. Click on “Next” and then enter the code sent to your cell phone and complete the registration. It is that easy!

How To Create Viber Account With The App.

To do this, you must download the Viber app; Click Here to download Viber.

Follow these steps to create Viber Account with the App..(But if you have already got the app on your cell phone device, simply head right down to step 5 below to continue)

1. Visit google PlayStore

2. Using the search bar, typing in “Viber” and search.

You will see list of App options,

3. Click on the “Viber App”

4. Click on “Install” to begin Viber download and installation.

(If you have already got the app downloaded to your phone, simply start from step 5)

Now, having downloaded and installed the App;

5. Launch or open the App

6. Enter your cell phone number and follow prompts.

7. Enter the code (which Viber sends to your phone via text) in the suitable field. Follow prompt to complete the viber Account registration.

Now that you have completed the viber account registration, you can begin inviting, connecting and chatting with friends.


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