Google Drive App Download For Android & iOS – Google Drive is a storage and synchronization service platform of Google company. It was developed and launched by Google in 2012. The storage platform lets its users to save their files in the cloud while offering them the opportunity to synchronize such files across different devices.

Not only that it allow users save and synchronize across devices, it supports even sharing of the file directly from the google drive account.

Although Google provided a website base of the Google drive for users, it also hosts and runs a Google drive app which ensures offline capabilities. The Google drive app is available for Android & iOS smartphone users, in addition to tablets.

To successfully complete Google drive app download and have the ability to use the app in your mobile devices, you must complete the google drive account registration. We have covered the Google drive sign up or registration process in our previous post.

After download and registration, you’ll have the ability to start enjoying all the unique services and features which come with the Google drive app, as there are numerous features and benefits for users.

The app comprises of Google Docs, Sheets and slides, an office suite which makes collaborative editing of documents, spreadsheets, presentations, drawings, forms, and more possible.

Download google drive app today and enjoy the following features.

Google Drive App Download Features

Here are the features that come with Google drive app download for your cell phone device. They consist of all which you can do with the Google drive app;

1. It offers you a safe storage for your files.

2. It enables you access all of your saved files from anywhere.

3. Easily share your files and folders with others.

4. Download Google drive app and quickly view your content.

5. Search for files by name and content.

6. Quick access to recent files.

7. You can set access levels for who can view, comment or edit your files.

8. You can can access pictures and videos from Google photos.

9. Enables you use your device camera to scan in paper documents.

10. Enables viewing of files offline.

11. See files and activity.

Google Drive App Download For Android & iOS

These and lots of more are the benefits and features of Google drive app one stands to enjoy when they download the app. Thus go ahead and download the app to your cell phone and enjoy.

Download For Android Here

Download For iOS Here

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