Download GB WhatsApp App for Android and enjoy even more features not available on your WhatsApp chat app. GB WhatsApp is  complimentary application to WhatsApp which provides users extra incredible and awesome features that modifies their WhatsApp experience. Although you can’t GB WhatsApp without having the normal WhatsApp installed first in your phone, this app is utterly different WhatsApp itself (Facebook Inc). Safe to say this is a third party app, but allows you have a chats with your real WhatsApp friends and contacts while providing you with more user experience with its inbuilt features.

The GB WhatsApp features, download and its benefits are all what we going to discuss in this post. So read through the end of this post to know about this also download GB WhatsApp APK latest version for your Android phone. To download GBWhatsApp APK is very easy and simple as you will see in our explanation inside of this article.

GB WhatsApp Download App – Everything You Need to Know About GB WhatsApp APK

GB WhatsApp as its own application has its own features different from that WhatsApp application, but interestingly, in addition GB WhatsApp has other awesome features which it uses to compliment WhatsApp to make it so much more fun and fulfilling for WhatsApp users.

As we’re going to see down this article, all the features of GB WhatsApp, and we also provide you with the direct official link to download GB WhatsApp for Android phone. And this link gives you access to GBWhatsApp latest APK version download so you can enjoy all the awesome features of the app.

Features Of GB WhatsApp Application Download

Let us look into what you can do with GB WhatsApp, as this section explains all the features of GB WhatsApp which makes it so much more fun because it gives you access to other features which your WhatsApp friends don’t have inside their WhatsApp.

This is among the main reasons thousands of individuals are already downloading and using GB WhatsApp from all around the globe. For instance, with the GBWhatsApp you can have access to different themes and you can change from one theme to another from the list of various charming theme designs. This is in addition to providing you with the ability and opportunity to download all WhatsApp status, just so long as you have viewed the WhatsApp status from a friends status.

So, the following are the features which GB WhatsApp come with;

GB WhatsApp Download WhatsApp Status

As you all know if you have been using WhatsApp, you will be unable to download your friends WhatsApp status…right? But with GBWhatsApp you’ll have the ability to download all the WhatsApp status you can ever view. So downloading friends WhatsApp status is now possible and it’s too easy to download.

What this means is, that you no longer must beg your friends to send you their WhatsApp status you like. This is because you can simply download them on your own so long as you can view the status.

To download the WhatsApp status, just be sure you have viewed the status, then head to the download button of the status saver and tap on “Save Status”, or “download” icon and this download the WhatsApp status in view.

The status will be saved in the GB WhatsApp download folder on your device and you can view it any time you like, and as many times as possible even if that your friend removes their status.

GB WhatsApp Themes And Skin

Themes are those awesome charming skins that gives you different user interface and experience. WhatsApp doesn’t allow you change or have another theme to beautify the app interface, but with the GB WhatsApp you can activate any theme of your choice from the list of themes on GB WhatsApp.

In addition to the theme, there are other features built into GN WhatsApp particularly when you download the latest version of the app. See more features below.

GB WhatsApp Fonts Styles

GB WhatsApp comes with different font styles for you to chose from. Unlike WhatsApp that gives you access to only one default font, GB WhatsApp comes with different font styles so you can chat friends using any any font of your choice. There is one joy that comes with using something different which others aren’t using.

This is among the features and benefits of downloading GB WhatsApp.

Change Chat Color

One other thing incredible thing with this app is that it gives you access to numerous colours and you can change the colour of various aspects of the app including the chat page color, the status bar, your homepage and so many more. This can be fun and you may need to try this out to experience this fun on your own.

See Deleted WhatsApp Status

Let anyone send you message and delete from their end, you’ll still have the ability to see such messages even if they delele the messages for the both of you, you’ll still have the ability to see the messages.

Last Seen, Themes And Chat Background Settings

Other features with this app, is that it lets you hide your last seen option. When you hide your last seen, your WhatsApp contacts will be unable to see when you last came online on WhatsApp.

As a GB WhatsApp user, you can decide to make your messages unseen even after every chat. You can read friends messages and it will still mark it as not read to them. Additionally to this, you can keep your conversations private with the help of password which you make possible with pin or pattern.

For the themes and background, you can set different themes and chat backgrounds for all of your friends and contacts.

GB WhatsApp Download App – GB WhatsApp APK Latest Version for Android

To download GB WhatsApp involves a really easy and easy approach;

1. Go the the official GBWhatsApp website

2. Scroll through the various GB WhatsApp APK versions

3. Click on the “Download APK Version” you would want to download for your Android phone.

GB Whatsapp New Version – How to Download GB WhatsApp Latest New Version

To download the latest and new version of the GBWhatsApp, you’ll simply must select the newest version of the GB WhatsApp APK from the download page on the website.