Free Facebook Video Post – Facebook Video Downloader Apk | Facebook Video Download: Facebook gives users the opportunity to upload their videos for the public to see. Just the same way you share a link or post; you can even share videos on Facebook. Video posting on Facebook isn’t at all a big deal.

The only thing is, your video has to meet Facebook policies. Also, the video has to meet some certain standards and criteria before they can be accepted on Facebook. Follow these steps to post a video on Facebook:

• At the top of your Profile Page or Homepage click “Photo/Video” found in the share box
• Click on “Upload Photo/Video”
• Pick a video from your device
• After choosing the video, you can add a comment to it before you click “Share”

Facebook Video Download

On Facebook you can only download videos using the Facebookvideo downloader otherwise when you hit “save video” it is going to be saved to a portion of your Facebook Page called “Saved”. So it’s advisable you install the Facebook Video Downloader but if you don’t want to pay for it you can install Facebook Video Downloader Apk.