The launching of lite version of the Facebook mobile App was the start of another incredible experience for all Facebook users around the globe.

This is because Facebook lite download and its installation means lesser stress in browsing through the social media platform, particularly as regards poor network – one of the bases of Facebook Lite mobile App development.

It could be seen that this singular feature benefits users of Facebook who are in poor network coverage, which still makes keeping in touch with family and friends possible despite bad internet.

In fact, with the new Facebook lite App, keeping in touch is a lot faster and much more easier as it’s more user friendly and connects even in 2G conditions while still allowing you enjoy all the fundamental features of Facebook at all FREE cost!

Features OF Facebook Lite Download For Android.

Here are features which also suggest the reasons you should download this new version of Facebook mobile App. This is one app you download and install for FREE! And also still enjoy all of its features for FREE!

But then, you must have created a Facebook Account to enjoy this App.

Here are the features to enjoy;

1. Facebook Lite is light-weighted.

2. It works in poor network coverage including 2G condition.

3. More convenience in connecting with family and friends.

4. It is far more user friendly.

5. Easy access to notifications and comments.

6. Uploading of photos becomes more easier and faster.

7. You can upload and share videos using the free Facebook lite App.

8 This app also lets you download and save favourite videos and photos from Facebook.

9. Post your status updates and even make it all lively by using the emojis to express your feelings!

10. There are other basic Facebook features which you stand to enjoy when you download Facebook lite app for Android mobile devices.

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