Download free Facebook app for your Android cell phone and enjoy the community of the social media network from your phone without having to visit the web. Facebook app makes using Facebook a lot convenient for users since you’ll enjoy all the classic features of Facebook using the app.

Before I share you the download link, let’s look at some of the features of free Facebook app which makes it worth having in your Android phone particularly if you’re Facebook user.

Features Of Free Facebook App Download

Here are the features of Facebook app which make the app a must have for all Facebook users;

Facebook mobile app is totally free to download, and there’s no charges or price for downloading the mobile app. Just so long as you have an online connection, you can download the app using the link which we have provided below.

You will enjoy all the classic features of Facebook with the Android app.

You can share moments through sharing your photos and videos. You can share on your timeline, and you can send as private messages to other of your Facebook friends.

Making your status update is simpler since all you need do is solely tap on the app to launch or open it.

Connect with family and friends and meet new people on your social media network.

Set status updates & use Facebook emoji to help relay what’s going on in your world.

Download Facebook Mobile App For Android

There are much more you can do with the mobile app. And right now, to download this app, simply click on the link below, and on the other page click “Install” to complete the download.

Click Here to Download App