Free Dating Apps On Facebook  –  Dating, a couple of years ago, was limited to sending friend requests through Facebook. That was the only way for the online romance to blossom. Years down the lane, things have changed, although we can’t say for better or worse and online dating has become quite common today, and that has given birth to an enormous lot of dating apps.

With the Dating app, you can send messages, connect with other singles, look for what interests you, see profiles and photos all for free. Amazing right?

This is one site that’s not complicated to use so long as you know what you are trying to find, because Facebook is there to take you through your first walk in the journey of finding the love of your life.

Best Dating App on Facebook

The best dating app on Facebook, is one that has been designed by Facebook, to connect people in real-world who are trying to find friendship, love, and even a life partner. It is a gesture by Facebook to help millions of singles globally find love via their cellular phone through their Facebook page.

Here, users are allowed to make the choice of who they want, by choosing who they want to be matched with. If their object of interest, also fancies them, and desires to be matched with them, why not? Facebook then uses the ‘Secret Crush’ feature to get them matched with one another.

Facebook Dating App

Engaging with this app on Facebook is as easy as accessing the Dating feature from your Facebook page, and creating a profile where you enter your personal details including your interests, which will enable Facebook to know who to match you with.

Now some people complain of not having the ability to access the Dating feature on their device. When this happens, two things are involved, it’s either your Facebook app needs to be updated.

Best Dating Site on Facebook

Note that the app we are referring to here as the Dating app is the same Facebook official app that you use for your Facebook account/page. Thus if you want to have access to the Facebook dating feature, you need to update your app to the current version. At least that’s not so much to do for love right?. You can update your app via the Google Play Store or from the App Store based on the device you are using.

If you are ready to update your app, follow through with these steps:

Update Your App

  1. Click open your app store.
  2. Look for the Facebook app
  3. Click on Update
  4. Once the app has been updated, click on the Open option.
  5. Hit on the menu icon from the top of the Facebook platform for Android operations or on the bottom of the Facebook app for iOS operations.
  6. Then you’ll spot Dating or a Love icon from the menu option, if the feature is rolled out to your country.

Free Dating Apps On Facebook | Facebook Dating is Not Available in Your Area

Secondly, if you’re unable to access the dating feature on your page, it means the feature is not yet available in your region. For now, the Dating feature is just available to some select regions, thus can’t be accessed by everybody. However, as rumored by Facebook, there are plans to roll out the feature across the world in the shortest possible time. So if it’s not yet available in your area, all you must do is wait until it gets to your region, which we hope it is going to be pretty soon.

Now after downloading the current version of the app, and you have already signed up with Facebook, you’ll have to access the feature and create a profile. Here is how to spot the Facebook dating feature.

How to Spot the Facebook Dating Feature

To spot the dating feature:

  • Tap open Facebook application
  • Click on the menu icon from the top of the Facebook platform for Android operations or the bottom of the Facebook app for iOS operations.
  • Tap on the Dating or Love icon from the menu option.
  • Facebook Dating Profile

After accessing the feature on your page, these are steps you would be using to set up your dating profile

  1. Log in using your profile name and your password
  2. Hit on the menu icon from the top of the Facebook app.
  3. Then click on Dating or the Love icon from the menu options.
  4. You will be asked to create your dating profile, which is quite separate from your normal Facebook profile.
  5. Enter the information needed.
  6. You will be prompted to add a minimum of about 9 photos. Add questions that other users can answer.
  7. There, your Facebook Dating profile is created.
  8. After you have created your profile, Facebook will match you with people you have the same interests with, and you are at liberty to either accept who you are matched with or ignore if you don’t like the match.

Facebook keeps your dating profile separate from your Facebook profile, and would never suggest your Facebook friends as matches, unless you added them as your people you would love to be matched with, or as your secret crush.