Fortnite Installer (how to download)

Fortnite, one of the biggest and most popular games right now, has delivered its second chapter, and after this big event, Epic games did a small change that got everyone confused. Now the Fortnite Installer app is called Epic Games, instead of just Fortnite, and you won’t find it in the Google Play Store. To download this apk you need to do it through their web page.

It is difficult to not imagine that the renaming of the Fortnite Installer app is to introduce other games that the company is launching soon and make it easier for everyone to download it through the same app. Just like a different app store in your smartphone, but just for the games of the company. However, this move was controversial because the Google Play Store gives certain safety, and their app at the beginning was vulnerable to hackers.

Also, the app looks basically the same that the old Fortnite Installer. It is an esthetic change where you will get the Epic Games logo at the beginning and then a banner about the game. Now you can get other games like Battler Breakers and more in the same app, so it will work like their online store but now on Android.

After some adjustments and providing the protection we all deserved, the installer was launched and you can get it on the Fortnite main page easily. So, if you want to download the app to get more updates and new games, follow the next steps to get it.

Download the Fortnite Installer APK

As we mentioned previously, now you won’t find this app on the Google Play Store. So, if you have never download any app outside the app store, you need to allow installing apps from unknowing sources on your smartphone. This will give permission to your phone to download and install the app that is not coming from the Android app store.

To do this, you need to go to your Settings > App > Now tap Menu Icon (located upper-right) > tap on Special Access > Tap on Install Unknown apps > Select the unknown apps and tap the Allow switch to turn it on.

Once you complete this, you will be able to install the app without any problem. To download the app you need to:

  • Go to the Fortnite main page through your navigator.
  • Look for the download section and tap on it.
  • Look for the Android option and tap on it.
  • You will see that it will give you an APK file, so tap on the download button.
  • Accept it give permission to download the app and wait a few minutes until the whole process is completed.

And that is it! You already download the Fortnite Installer on your device. Now you need to tap on the download file and Install the app easily. Once is completed, you will be able to install the second chapter of the game and any other update or game you want.

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