How to Download Fortnite for PC & Install Fortnite Free On Windows 7/8/9/10?

One of the most recent creations of the company Epic Games, founded in Maryland, USA, in the year 1991. Available for PC, there is also the download Download for Android for this excellent work of the company!

fortnite download for PC

Download Fortnite for PC Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8 / 7

One of the games that we are sure you will enjoy for hours and hours we bring you here today. Download & Install Fortnite for PC Free On Windows 7/8/9/10. Battle Royale Game, Developed by Epic Game.

In this post we will guide you so that you can play within a few minutes from the comfort of your home to this exciting game, however, before we would like to share important information. One of the issues is to take into account that Fortnite is also available in a lot of different operating systems, existing several game modes, such as Fortnite Battle Royale, the most current, and Fortnite Save The World, the original version of launch, where a player and his team faced different missions.

Download Free Fortnite PC – Official Epic games

We will give the reader a good news: Here in Download for PC we only work with official sites of the different tools, games and applications that we promote. Then, in the same post, you will see a link from which you will be redirected directly to the Official Fortnite Website, from where you can download the game.

As in this case we bring information about how to play Fortnite for PC, it also exists for other operating systems. If you intend to play from your cell phone or electronic device, you can see Fortnite Download for Android.

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Fortnite Installer – How to Install & Play Fortnite?

Fortnite installer from Epic Games. To start playing immediately we must download Fortnite for PC. The game download guide comes with easy steps for installation. You gonna choose Fortnite installer PCWindows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 or Mac as appropriate! You must choose the operating system that your computer has installed.

The Epic Games company announced through its web page that it will not be necessary to wait much for the launching of fortnite for Android ( Fortnite installer Samsung) and iOS. It is expected in March after running the final tests. In addition, the developers announced that players, using Fortnite through their mobile devices, can cross games with PC players and Ps4.

To play Fortnite on iPhone, iOS users should visit the official Fortnite website and sign up for the invitation event. The chosen players will receive by mail a link to download Fortnite Battle Royale on their mobile. At the moment there is no date of the app launching neither in App Store nor in Google Play Store.

Download Fortnite for Ps4 or Xbox

The Download of the Fortnite version for PS4 or XBOX is currently at the top of downloads.  The success of this game, not only in consoles but also in computers has been imminent. For that reason, the company will launch it soon in mobile devices with different operating systems.

Here is all you need to know to start paying this terrific game and become one of the many people who regularly play it in PS4 or Xbox consoles.

Requires membership

The goal of Fortnite is to find resources for the day and survive the nocturnal attacks of fantastic beings. In order for players to accomplish their survival, they will have to take advantage of the cooperative aspect offered in the game which includes building strengths and surviving the enemy outbreak. There is also the Battle Royale mode where all the players have to fight each other, collecting weapons, and building fortresses. The player who survives will consequently become the winner.

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Fortnite is based on a free to play model users can easily download, install and enjoy. However, the game offers separate packs of levels and campaigns with different prices depending on their contents. When players complete their achievements in the game, they level up and unlock more rewards. In addition, they can purchase different packs of missions and campaigns as well as add-ons that aims to modify some aspects of the game, not providing competitive advantages such as weapons.

How can you get Fortnite for PS4 or Xbox? It is very simple and requires very few steps:

  • Access the PlayStation or Xbox store from your console
  • Search the title in the corresponding search engine
  • Select download and wait for it to install.

Once installed, you can enjoy Fortnite for PS4 or Xbox. It is mandatory to point at that a paid membership is required on both platforms to play online, especially for Fortnite Battle Royale.

fortnite for android ios

Release Date 25 Jul, 2017
Developer Epic Games
Publisher Epic Games
Genre Action, Strategy, Other
Language English
System Windows PC, Android, iOS, Mac, Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4, Xbox One Under development: Linux, PS3, Xbox 360
Version Latest

As we said at the beginning of this post, the American company Epic Games, since its foundation in 1991 in a variety and variety of different games, but this time exceeded the limits of players with this great contribution to the fun of many young people, who In their free time they enjoy the gigantic battlefield in Fortnite Battle Royale, a screen with up to 100 players, competing individually, in teams of two or in teams of four, to know who will be the last one standing at the end of the game.

Fortnite Save The World instead is the cooperative game mode, where several players come together to try to achieve common goals, preset by the map.

download fortnite for pc

Fortnite for Android and iOS?

The success of Fortnite is increasing. So far, users have enjoyed this game through PC, Mac, Xbox, and PS4. But sooner, it is expected the arrival of Fortnite for Android and iOS which will allow cross-play with Ps4 and PC.

The full name of this game is Fortnite Battle Royale which has already become quite popular throughout the internet. Its creative company is Epic Games which aims to integrate this game to all possible platforms just as other great companies such as Nintendo that recently launched Super Mario and Pokémon for mobile devices. OS will provide the same gaming experience

For those who have not heard a single word related to this one of a kind game, it is important to point that survivors, after a zombie attack, should try to stay alive, collecting weapons and construction items. One of the coolest features of the game is the possibility to play with 100 players in the online mode on a map until only one survivor remains which will become the winner.