Firefox Android Mobile App | Download The New Firefox Android Mobile App

Firefox Android Mobile App is just as incredible and smart as it can get. The user friendly interface, which one can easily say to seem more charming than it’s desktop version, is one quality that makes the App an amazing mobile browser certainly.

Just like the desktop version, it comes with strong variety of add-ons and retains its full complement of security settings – like tracking protection that blocks parts of web pages that may track your browsing activity.

Let’s Look At The Features Of Firefox Android Mobile App;

#. The new Firefox Android Mobile App is smarter and faster.

#. Comes with charming user friendly interface.

#. Firefox intuitively provides multiple proposed and previously searched results across search engines.

#. Easy accessible shortcuts to search providers.

#. Upgraded privacy with tracking protection blocks parts of web pages that may track your browsing activity.

#. The intuitive visual tabs and numbered tabs that easily let you find content for future reference.

#. Lets you open multi tabs as you like without losing track of your open web pages.

#. Gives you easy accessibility to your top favourite sites, rather than having to look for them.

#. Firefox Android Mobile App comes with Add-ons which lets you easy personalization.

#. It remember s your most recently used app which helps you share content easily.

#. Support of HLS videos via player overlay.

Visit Google play Store or your mobile Store to get this App.