Facebook Messenger Download Apk | Enjoy Text & Video Chat for Free

Be connected together every time with a simply way to text, call, video chat and rally the group. Facebook messenger is what you need now to stay connected to your friends all time. Find out who messaged you and when with the new Facebook messenger apk.

Messenger is more or less like whatsapp apk or messenger.com app that’s on your phone. It sends your message, keeps your messages, links you to your Facebook account directly. With less than 4Mb apk, you can be in command of your game. Use, hundreds of stickers that’s live on your chat box, also make quality video calls using the messenger apk.

More so, send a message as much as you want for free, cut down glare with dark mode and hop on a call or video chat when you’re tired of chatting. So yes, with messenger 2020 apk everything is just so fun. Meanwhile, you can get started only when you have done Facebook messenger download apk.

Features of Facebook Messenger

For better understanding, here are the things you’ll enjoy once you download the latest messenger apk:

  • Send a message chat as much as you want anytime any day.
  • With messenger you can share your videos and photo across your contacts, also receive a video or photos sent from contacts.
  • Capture the moment with the messenger camera, also spicy that by adding a filter doodle
  • More so, with messenger you are sure of making new friends, so get ready to hang around anytime, anywhere, by getting on a group vide calls.
  • Thousands of stickers, emojis and the rest
  • Send or receive money safely by adding your debit or PayPal card
  • Play lots of games with friends
  • Allow messenger gain access to you contacts and also use messenger app to send or receive SMS
  • If our lost, share you location and suggest a meeting point
  • Simply cut down glare with dark mode
  • Enjoy al call features – Dial icon, end call, unhold etc.

These and much more are what you’ll enjoy once you download messenger.com for Facebook

Facebook Messenger Download Apk | How to Download Facebook Messenger for Free

This section contains, information on how to download Facebook apk for free:

  • Lunch your browser and log on to messenger.com or simply move to Google playstore to start download
  • You have gotten apk now, so agree on their terms of use

Messenger Sign up

You have gotten he app now, the next thing to do is to launch the apk, launching the app means getting it ready to use. How do you try this? Simply

  • Tap on the app to open
  • Allow messenger gain access to your contacts.
  • Allow messenger gain access to your media.
  • Allow messenger manage your calls etc.
  • After that, here Is your account.

Messenger Online

To have a glimpse of what we are talking about, you can hop on to www.messenger.com to take a look at what the apk has gat to offer, also download from the website straight.

What Can I Do with Messenger?

Here are the fundamental things messenger can do for you

  • Chat with any of your contact on Facebook
  • Find out who messaged you on Facebook
  • Send and receive money safely (only for those in America)
  • Make a quality video calls.
  • Use messenger apk to receive SMS or send SMS.
  • Messenger has so many stickers, emoji, simply express yourself with them.
  • Tired of chatting switch to voice chatting.

Messenger Versions

  • Download messenger for android
  • Download messenger for iOS
  • Messenger for Windows
  • Messenger for iTunes etc.


Am glad you have learnt how to do Facebook messenger download apk, now you can go ahead to download and install the app for free.

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