Facebook App for Android Phone – Are you a Facebook user? Or perhaps are you an intending Facebook User? If you are using an android phone, then you need quick in and out access to the platform at any time. In this scenario, I would suggest a Facebook App for Android Phone. Using a Facebook App for Android Phone has many privileges and advantages. Some of these advantages are easy navigations. Plus you can easily know your way around. Furthermore, by carrying your Android phone around, you are carrying a Facebook platform around as you can easily log in and out at any time.

Now you can easily download and install a Facebook app for your android phone. However, if you decide to use the app, you should know that there are several apps. These apps ranges in size, template, and functions. However, there are two main Facebook apps that are currently used worldwide. These apps are “Facebook” and “Facebook Lite”. If you want a Facebook app mainly for messaging and video calls, then you can use the Facebook “Messenger” or “Messenger Lite”. This brings us to the next step “downloading Facebook apps for android phones”. Keep reading.

Facebook App for Android Phone – How to Download Facebook Apps for Android Phones

Downloading the app is quite easy. However, you must make up your mind on the app you want to download. If you are having problems deciding, you can download all of them and try them out.

To download the Facebook app for your Android device, follow the steps below.

  • Grab your Android phone and locate the app store on it. the app store could either be the Google play store or any other app store. It doesn’t matter, just tap on it.
  • Using the search bar of the app store, search for any of the Facebook app listed above. Either “Messenger, Facebook, Facebook Lite or Messenger Lite”.
  • Now, tap on the app form the search results and on the button indicating you can download the app to download the app.
  • Now, this might not be common but accept the terms and conditions of the app and the app will be successfully downloaded and installed.