Facebook app download is one way to reach family and friends, and then stay connected on the go! As probably the most popular and huge social network, Facebook gives you access to making the world a bit closer.

People who have the mobile Facebook app downloaded in their cell phone device, are all the time on the move to reaching their Facebook friends at any time.

Stand to enjoy all the fundamental and classic features of Facebook when you download the latest app. You can access your timeline, and that of your Facebook friends. You can send and receive inbox messages.

More so, writing on your timeline, browsing for people, liking photos and editing your profile and groups are all possible using the Facebook mobile app.

In fact, there’s little or no limitation to what you can do on the social media network once you download the Facebook App. You can search, add and accept friends, and you can decide to disregard.

Download the app now, and see how it does more than keeping you connected with family and friends. It can serve as your personal organizer and file storage.

You can share and still store or save file such as your photos on Facebook, and this Facebook app makes it even a lot easier sharing photos directly from your cell phone camera or gallery.

Interestingly, you have total control over who would see such photos you have uploaded on your Facebook profile account.

In this article, which we have titled Facebook app download for Android and iOS mobile, we intend showing you below how you can download the Facebook latest mobile app to you Android and or iOS (iPhone) devices.

This goes to tell you that the app is available for download, for both cell phone operating system ( Android & iOS). And it’s utterly free for download. We shall be supplying you with the direct link to download this app to your Smartphone device.

But before then, let us highlight some basic features of the latest Facebook App you may or may not have known. They make Facebook what it’s, giving it its uniqueness which makes it stand out from other social media network.

Facebook App Features

Here are the few features of the mobile Facebook application to enjoy when you download the app to your phone;

1. It lets you easily connect with family and friends.

2. You can write and post Facebook status updates.

3. There varieties of emoticons to help you convey your mood and what’s happening around you.

4. Capture and share every moment.

5. You can decide to play games with any other of your Facebook friends.

6. Get notified when friends like or comment on your posts.

7. Instantly share photos, videos and favourite memories.

8. Get notified when people send you friend request.

9. Personally determine whose friend request you accept, and who you ignores.

10. Get latest gist and news about your favourite celebrities, artists, websites, companies and more.

11. Watch live videos through the Facebook live!

Click Here To Download For Android

Click Here To Download For iOS

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