Facebook APK Download – Facebook New Version Free Download

Have you seen the new Facebook apk? Am sure you are about to do Facebook download 2020. You can now create more stories on Facebook story status; download music for free, follow any page you want, no more adverts and redirect links; enjoy free emojis and live stickers, connect to more friends than before.

Why Stick with Facebook? Facebook gets you conected with your friends even when you travel overseas. Your TRAVEL may not be fun, if you’re fully away from your loved ones

So on this page, am going to be showing you how you can download Facebook app for free, but first, if you don’t have a Facebook account, you won’t likely enjoy all these thing mentioned, plus if you’re still using the old Facebook version.

The new Facebook allows 50GB storage of device, end attachments above 20 megabytes and chat all the time for free. With a powerful working anti-spam and anti-virus tool, make sure to enjoy a hundred percent security.

You can do Facebook download 2020 If you have received an update, Facebook normally sends an update when there’s one, however if you don’t receive an update, you are then to follow the normal procedure to upgrade to the latest version. Meanwhile let us reveal to you the features of Facebook App.

Have you got an update for your Facebook mobile or PC version, this is what you should do;

  • Open your Mobile phone and locate the Facebook update
  • Tap on update app to start update automatically.


  • Go to your phone app settings.
  • Tap to update all the app that needs update
  • OR
  • Go to Google playstore
  • Search for the latest Facebook app,
  • Find and click on on update to upgrade immediately.

So here you go. But if in case you are also using the FB APP on computer, quickly see how you can update it now.

If you have closed a Facebook and the next on your mind is to delete your account, all you need to do I to permanently delete Facebook app form your cell phone or pc. If you are using a cell phone, go to your phone’s app folder and search for the app, press-hard on the app to being to the homepage, push to the trash bin and permit to delete permanently.

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