Dropbox Download & Features

Before we go to how to download Dropbox and how to create Dropbox account, let us have a brief idea on the features of Dropbox;

1. Dropbox gives you the opportunity to cloud save your files and sync them across device. This allows you to access your files at anytime, anywhere in point of time.

2. It enables you work on files with others through shared folders.

3. You can sync, share and edit Word, Excel, and Powerpoint files.

4. Comment on files to share feedback with your team.

5. You can use the document scanner to turn receipts, whiteboards and notes into PDFs.

Dropbox Download For Android & iOS

Sending large files is a lot easier with Dropbox, even to people who don’t have Dropbox account. Sign up Dropbox account to sync your files today and never worry about losing anything.

Once you download Dropbox to your phone, you are then good to go to having your files handy at any where you are. When you have downloaded and save file on your computer system, as long you have saved such file in your Dropbox, then there isn’t any problem accessing the files.

It is very smart,  easy and a lot convenient. Save yourself the stress of limiting yourself from accessing any of your phone when one device is not near you.

Below are links to download for both Android phone device and iOS(iPhone). Dropbox download is also available for PC, but in our next article, I will show you and supply you a link to download Dropbox for your PC.

Click Here To Download For Android

Click Here to Download For iOS

Dropbox Sign Up – Create Dropbox Account

Before now, we have discussed in a previous post on how create Dropbox account using a quite simple guide and approach.

It is simple to create Dropbox account. All that’s required is just your full name and your e-mail address. And then you choose and enter your password, accept Dropbox terms and that’s all.

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