Download WhatsApp Aero v8.60 APK for Android: WhatsApp Aero is among the modified versions of the instant messenger app that lots of individuals love. The features it possesses make it really appreciated by lots of users.

At the moment WhatsApp Aero just launched a new version which now serves as the newest version of this WhatsApp mod mobile application.

This latest release of the app is WhatsApp Aero v8.60. Some new features were added, some others were re-added, while some were fixed.

Features of WhatsApp Aero v8.60 APK

  • Online/Offline Dot has been added.
  • Mention mark has been added.
  • Rich customization option for Archived row has been added.
  • Rich customization options for Online/Offline DotAdded option to change the main has been added.
  • Load theme from the ZIP file has been added.
  • Blue tick on reply for groups has been added.
  • New UI for copy selection of text from the message bubble has been added.
  • Click on the status caption to copy has been added.
  • New fonts have been added.
  • Advanced search has been added.
  • New custom wallpaper UI has been added.
  • New entry styles have been added.
  • Blue tick on reply for groups has been added.
  • Hide recent chats option has been re-added.
  • Option to increase forward limit to 250 has been re-added.
  • Hide often contacted option has been re-added
  • Hide other contacts option has been re-added.
  • Random crashes when messaging groups has been fixed.
  • GoPrime advanced home screen style bugs have been fixed.
  • Sending messages in groups take a long time has been fixed.
  • Swipe row crash has been fixed.
  • Blue tick on reply crashes has been fixed.
  • Quick contact styles bugs have been fixed.
  • Reset preferences now also reset default wallpaper has been fixed.
  • New menu now closes automatically has been fixed.
  • Issue where the modding screen disappears when the background picture is active on some home screen styles has been fixed.
  • Crash using status splitter on some phones has been fixed.
  • No need to use FAB fixes any longer. All home screen styles have been optimized.

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For this application, the most stable package name is com.wa. The package name features don’t have any difference. To install this package name, there isn’t any need for you to delete the original WP application.

How to Install WhatsApp Aero v8.60 APK on Your Smartphone

  • Uninstall the old Aero and each other WhatsApp version you have on your mobile device.
  • Next, delete the WhatsApp folder. For those of you who have important data in the folder, the folder can be moved to another location.
  • Now, install WhatsApp Aero in the original package name on your device.
  • Verify your mobile number.
  • Do not restore old backups. It’s best you install from the very beginning. Attempting to restore your backup chats is risky.
  • Click the Back button if you get a warning in form of Google Play Services from the WhatsApp Aero application.