Download TrustGo Antivirus App For Android Phone

Download TrustGo Antivirus – TrustGo Antivirus is an app designed for mobile devices, with the aim of combating virus infection amongst cell phone. The app has powerful virus scan engine, which quickly scans for virus in a mobile device, and simply detects viruses and such apps carrying them.

It doesn’t only detect apps that carry virus, it also detects such apps that tend to steal private data from cell phone devices. The app protects phone devices from malwares and spywares and other harmful contents. TrustGo is built to fully protect your device, in addition to backing up your local data.

It has such features like App Manager with which you can perform some operations like uninstalling apps. The Privacy Advisor helps you understand privacy permission.

Let’s look in details more you can do with TrustGo Antivirus.

Detailed Features Of TrustGo

#. TrustGo Antivirus runs a deep scan of the mobile device system to detect and handle all hidden virus and harmful contents.

#. The App scans individual app to protect your device and as well protect your privacy.

#. It is built with the App Manager Feature which enables you uninstall apps that you don’t (often) use in order to clean up device and free space.

#. The data back up lets you back up files and restore them when needed.

#. Anti-theft Feature. The anti-theft feature enables you remotely locate your mobile device on google map, in the event of loss. You can even delete data from your lost phone in order to protect your privacy.

#. It has system manager which shows your phone’s real-time battery in order to save power. It also shows memory use and helps optimize the device.

#. Download TrustGo Antivirus App, and enjoy safe browsing as the app helps block malicious URLs and protects you from phishing webs with instant warning notifications.

#. It scans all installed apps and files and monitors every installation process, thereby providing you with real-time protection.

#. The built in WiFi Security identifies unsafe and risky WiFi with instant warning notifications

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