Download Snapchat app the multimedia messaging app used globally which lets you share moment fast with friends by means of sharing snaps with them on Snapchat.

Snapchat makes it more convenient and easier reaching with friends, sharing moments and viewing stories from around the globe.

There is absolutely everything to enjoy about it, the streaks, filters, stories, my eyes only, drawing, snap maps, the stickers, all which makes Snapchat fun and entertaining.

There are so many other Snapchat features which makes the app a wow and a few users don’t know about them and before I finally drop you the link below to download Snapchat app, let us briefly look into some of the features of the app.

Features to Enjoy When You Download Snapchat App

With Snapchat app, you can send video notes, or custom GIFs shot with your Smartpphone.

Although the tool for this feature is a bit hidden, however inside a chat, locate the video camera icon. Instead of tapping once, tap and hold to begin recording a brief video of yourself with the front-facing camera.

Keep the button pressed until you are done recording, and snap chat will automatically add it to the chat as a GIF-like looping video.

How about Launching a video chat? When you download Snapchat app, you aren’t only limited to text and photo chats. The app’s video chat feature lets you connect with friends on video chats in real time.

Saving a Chat Message Got Easier – Do you wish to keep a message from disappearing automatically? All you must do is go inside the chat, tap and hold on a message and it will save the note.

It is important to know that this feature is just available if the sender’s settings allow it, but this is actually a nice one and makes planning even easier and convenient.  This can in fact help you hang on to information a little longer, such as a location address, hotel name and all of sorts.

Download Snapchat App – Snapchat App Download For Android & iOS

To download Snapchat, simply click the link below and on the next page do click “Install” to begin the download and complete Snapchat installation to your cell phone.

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