Download My Etisalat App, a self-service mobile application devloped by the Etisalat telecommunication company. The app is built to enable Etisalat users and subscribers access etisalat services, products and perform other operations on their own from the comfort their cell phone.

Just like the MTN Self Care App for iPhone, you can buy airtime with My Etisalat app from the comfort of your iPhone mobile. You can even check airtime balance, migrate from one package to another, buy and check data balance, even transfer data, recharge another etisalat line, set you & me numbers, check your number and much more.

My Etisalat app makes it more easier and convenient for clients to access products, take control  and manage their etisalat account on their own just from any part of the world.

Why You Need My Etisalat app;

* Download my Etisala app and simply check your airtime

* Buy Airtime with the app

* Check data balance

* Buy data and transfer data

* Migrate from one package to another

* Send airtime

* Check your number and current package

* Subscribe to services and products.

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