New King James Bible For Android Phone

Join millions of believers to enjoy the improved reading experience of the new King James bible for android. The app gives you easy and instant access to any chapter and helps you keep track of the bible reading.

The new bible app is among the best way to make the words handy, it’s free and user friendly. So simply carry the word every time and wherever you want. The king James bible for android comes with full bible divisions which includes the old testament and the new testament.
This makes the app a really rich source of knowledge about the bible.

It also comes with detailed description of every verse. And once downloaded, all the books, chapters and verses are stored so you don’t have to worry about internet connection before accessing the word through the app, as it comfortably works offline.

As earlier noted, the app helps you keep track of your reading and enable you resume your last reading and once you are done reading a chapter, you can mark it as completed to keep track of your progress. The app is really easy to use, just by swiping left or right move between chapters and tap any verse to share, add bookmarks/notes or copy to clipboard. Customizing is also easy with the King James bible for Android. Simply customise by adding colourful bookmarks and notes just by tapping on any verse.

With verse explorer, discover bible verses. Look for specific words with the search too and enhance bible reading experience by customizing with fonts.

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