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Download Jiji App Android & iPhone App – is one big popular fast-growing free online classifieds site based in Nigeria. Known for their quality service provision and delivery, sales of varieties, cheap and safe with advanced security system.

As among the best market places you can find in the country, Jiji provides an easy hassle-free solution to sell and buy virtually anything, while solidifying buying and selling including market participants – bring them together.

Jiji is known for their varieties of things for sale, find virtually anything and everything you ever want to buy on Jiji regardless of time and place or location. Their versatility in quality services gives them better edge, running services on Automotives, Child care services, health and wonder services, fitness and private training, buy laptops, smartphones electronics, shoes, clothes, watches and more on Jiji. List of what you can advertise, sell and buy on Jiji is so numerous to be complete here.

What are you still waiting to download Jiji App Android & iPhone App to your smartphone and laptop?

Their app is solely smart and simple to use. Giving you more reasons and answers to why you should patronize the online market place.
So the question is why choose Jiji? See below for yourself;
# 1. Over 700,000 adverts.
# 2. 5 new adverts posted every minute.
# 3. Over 25 mln visits per month.
# 4. New and used things are offered.
# 5. Convenient search system.
# 6. The lowest prices in the country.
# 7. No extra charges.
# 8. All users are real people.
# 9. Direct communication between users.
# 10. Benefits of traditional marketplace and web store combined.
# 11. Powerful and innovative security system.

Download Jiji App Android & iPhone App | Jiji App Download For Android & iPhone.

Click below to download Jiji App Android & iPhone , click and download depending on your phone device;

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As a Buyer you can:
 #. Buy anything, simply call or send message to the Seller and agree purchase with Sellers directly;
#. Write a review after a deal is closed.
#. Access to the hundreds of thousands of adverts, including special offers and sales.
#. Creating perfect lists of offers thanks to tags and filters.
 #. Getting detailed information and photos of each item.
 #. Contacting a seller easily.
#. Constant access to the full assortment.
#. Enjoying online shopping with Jiji app.
#. No worries about safety.
#. To be an integrated part of Jiji community which makes the world better!

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As a Seller you can:
 # Post free Ads with images;
# Update, move your ad to Top position to get maximum efficiency from selling;
# Get calls and messages only from real people, because we require every user to register.
# Post a vast number of adverts for free.
# Sell fairly used things you don’t need.
# Make money and get rid of stuff.
# Being a seller on Jiji means special terms and packages for enhancing your adverts.
# Being a seller means verified status and increase of potential buyers.
# To make buyers feel happy and fully pleased with their purchases!