Cleaner for Instagram is one powerful tool you would ever like if you’re a frequent user of Instagram. This is because at some point in time so many things seem to go over board.

For instance, you tend to gain unnecessary or unsolicited followership on Instagram, including ghost followers and inactive followers and sometimes you discover you have made a long list of posts within a brief period of time.

All of these and more you have been thinking on how to curtail, and this is where this tool Cleaner fits in.

It is an app which helps you unfollow for Instagram, inactive or ghost followers. In addition to mass deleting of posts and unliking of previously liked photos or videos.

There are even more which this cleaner for Instagram can help you do and these features and benefits we have listed below.

Features & Benefits Of Cleaner For Instagram App.

1. It helps you with bulk unfollowing of Instagram users.

2. With this tool you can bulk delete posts.

3. Bulk block, unblock and unfollow followers.

4. To bulk unblock all the blocked Instagram followers and users.

5. The app is capable of working in background to block, unfollow, delete and in contrast to even when you don’t use the app.

6. Works in night mode to unfollow, block, delete and in contrast to when you’re asleep.

7. The app helps whitelist manager

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8. There is the support center available 24/7.

9. It has activity log with undo.

10. There is full profile and post previews features.

11. There is support for user search, filters, undo, multiple accounts and relationship indicator.

12. It comes with Advanced Quick Selection: Ghost users, inactive users, Follow-back users, No profile photo users, etc.

Cleaner app for Instagram helps you clean up all the undesirable with regard to your Instagram account profile. It works automatically and is capable of scheduling hundreds (or even thousands) of actions.

And performs them one by one during background or night execution until the queue is empty. And you can even execute them manually as well.