Download BBM Android APK | How To Download BBM Android Apk

Download BBM Android APK and connect with your friends and colleagues who share the platform. BBM is no longer for Blackberry phone users anymore, the free messaging app has been made available for Android and other smartphones.

The charming interface makes the app such a one to have for astonishing experience. Share photos, messages and more with friends who are on BBM. It doesn’t share your privacy in any way as the app is designed to protect privacy rather.

BBM App has so many unique features that makes it stand out amongst so many messaging app for android. Talk about group chat, free voice calling, privacy control and more.

Download BBM Android APK and experience super features of BBM App which includes;

> Ability to talk with one single person or group.

> The timer makes it possible to set a timer so that message or photos can on be viewed for a set amount of time before it disappears.

Share photos, songs and more with BBM

> With the private chat mode enables you make chats that disappears without trace when you’re finished.

> BBM PIN: One great feature of this social app is that it  doesn’t require you giving out your phone number or any other personal details before one can get connected to you. Simply share only your BBM PIN with anyone whom you want connected to you  – And that’s all!

This astonishing feature keeps you in charge of who sends you messages, who you chat with; Once you block any contact, that’s the end for the contact as they can no longer message you.

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> Download BBM Android APK and enjoy FREE voice calling between BBM contacts

> Quickly share photos, files, voice note and more with BBM App.

> BBM has this feature that lets you know when your message has delivered and read as well.

> Another feature lets you know when someone is replying to you.

> The App is all the time connected so you don’t must start opening the app every time to receive messages.

> BBM saves you call credit, as it doesn’t use your call credit, rather it makes use of WiFi or data for its operation.

> There are hundreds of emoticons and stickers that enable you bring the chat to live. Simply express yourself.

Download BBM Android APK and enjoy the awesome group messaging experience.

> Set a permanent BBM group with close friends and colleagues and share everything common to you. It supports up to 50 members, and you can create calendar events for group, share photos with the group and do much more.

> Broadcast messaging is a feature that lets you send a message to multiple BBM contacts just directly.

> Create your own BBM profile picture using your picture or any other image and pictures.

> Let people know what you’re up to and express yourself by updating your status.

> The BBM Channels let you get more of what you love by subscribing to the BBM channel of your interest.

> Create your own channel and build your subscribers to share your thoughts, ideas and more.

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