Download Avast Antivirus Android Phone App

Download Avast Antivirus – one of the world most trusted free antivirus app for android. get this app running in your mobile device and get yourself protected against viruses and malwares that can harm your device. Also block popups and undesirable advertisements with the mobile security app.

Avast antivirus ensures full time protection, it gets you alerted when you install spyware and apps that tampers with your privacy, securing your device against phishing attacks from e-mail, phone calls, infected websites and plenty of more.

This mobile security app performs more tan just antivirus function, it enhance system performance by performing other functions with features it’s designed with.

What Functions Avast Antivirus Performs;

> Avast Antivirus engine scan automatically for infected apps, Trojans and malware. Undertakes file scanning for complete mobile protection, against viruses and other harmful threats.

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> The App is designed to protect your privacy and private data including photos, texts, contacts and more.

> Web Shield feature scans and blocks malware-infected links, in addition to Trojans and spyware for privacy and safe web surfing.
The app also fixes mistyped URLs.

> The WiFi Security checks the security of every network to make sure your safe from harmful WiFi networks.

> It has features that allows you block undesirable calls, and text messages. Also blacklist contacts and block callers and their unsolicited calls. Just simply download avast antivirus to enjoy features on your cell phone device.

Upgrade to Avast Antivirus premium and enjoy App Locking features , which retains security and privacy of sensitive content by locking any app with a PIN or gestures. This enables you keep your most used apps secured such that no one can access them. Also feel free to visit the official website on for latest update on Avast Antivirus App for Android and other devices.

The Remove advertisements features eliminates advertisements from your Avast Antivirus app. With the premium version, you can contact avast directly from the app to receive quick responses to your inquiries.

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