Download Dashlane Password manager for Android, iOS & Never Forget Your Passwords Again

Download Dashlane password Manager App for your android and iOS devices today. It is an ultra secure, free password app, which enables you manage and automatically import & keep your bunch of passwords safe and in a place.

Dashlane secures your online passwords with a single master password and stores your data with an encryption tool.

There is no doubt that from every now and then, intruders try to access some of your digital activities, certain accounts of yours, even without your notice, this leaves you with the option of all the time trying to create different kinds of password that at end you tend to forget some of the passwords.

Dashlane password manager ensures all of your sensitive information and accounts are safe from hackers and intruders, while helping you save your passwords in a way that only you can have access to it, any time you want to.

No other password manager app could be better, as Dashlane password manager is designed to do even more. The app could be synchronized across platforms.  And you can automatically import your passwords from different web browsers into your secure password vault. Even more, you can import usernames and passwords from other password manager app which you have used and as well, use them from PCs, Mac, Android, iPhone and more devices after you have synchronized your devices.