Take the best cards of Clash Royale Download APK for Android Phones free

Download Clash Royale APK Android. Super Cell has been characterized as a video game development company for mobile devices that likes to combine strategy with action, in the past it was the turn of Clash of Clans, a game with a camera in the background where the objective It was to attack the enemy bases with the troops you were training.

Clash Royale APK

From the base that Clash of Clans sat, his heir was born, a game that contains the people or troops of the aforementioned game but that also includes many more characters, this is Clash Royale a very addictive game that has happened to be from a Simple game to a competitive game that could generate income.

Clash Royale fever is still alive as the organizers of the tournaments by Esport continue to generate meeting points for tournaments that are usually held in the United States and surrounding areas.

What is Clash Royale?

It is a very fun strategy game where your main objective will be to reach the last arena and maintain the position, that is achieved by winning as many trophies in battle as possible, battles usually drop between 28 to 36 trophies on average.

In battle the objective will be to obtain as many crowns as possible, the maximum is 3 crowns, in the field there will be 6 towers of kings, 3 belong to you and the other 3 belong to the enemy, each fallen mail represents a crown for your team, so you’ll have to try to tear down the 3 towers to win 3 crowns.

Clash Royale APK

The game consists of a deck of cards that you can gradually improve depending on the number of character cards you have, that is, each character and each card is different, each card requests a number of cards and gold to be improved, If you have the number of letters requested and the amount of gold needed you can improve your troops.

Requirements Clash Royale in Android

  • Operating system: Android 4 or higher
  • Processor: 1GHz or higher
  • Memory: 512Mb or higher (It is recommended to have at least 1GB)
  • Internet connection

Download Clash Royale for Android

If you want to download this authentic jewel that Super Cell has developed, just click here, this link connects to the Android store so you can make your download in a safe and simple way.

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