Download Clash of Clans APK for Android free

Download Clash of Clans APK for Android. Download Clash of Clans APK for PCSuper Cell is a company that is always talking, fortunately in a positive way because all the games that have launched to the mobile devices market have been successful for a quite important period of time.

Download Clash of Clans APK for Android

In this case Clash of Clans has been the game that launched this ingenious company to fame and with which they have managed to earn a lot of money that subsequently served them to invest in the following titles that, like this one, are quite addictive.

Clash of Clans is a game based on the strategy and the ability to build attacks and defenses against our enemies, anticipating and intuiting the possible attacks that can be made in order to reach a much higher linternet


Features Clash of Clans APK for Android

  • Create and strengthen your village with improvements and upgrades to buildings and defense towers.
  • Train your army to defend your village from enemies.
  • Upgrade your army to be more efficient in battle.
  • Fight against your friends in friendly battles and find out who has the best defense.
  • Join the clan fight and collaborate with your allies to destroy enemy villages.
  • Get the highest number of crowns in battle to have excellent statistics.
  • Develop the strategist that you carry inside and show who rules on the battlefield
  • It is a lightweight game that works on almost any Android device since it is not demanding graphics.
Clash of Clans APK

Requirements Clash of Clans

  • Operating System: Android 4.4 or higher
  • Processor: 1.2GHz or higher
  • Memory: 512Mb (1Gb recommended for optimal performance)
  • Connection to Internet

Download Clash of Clans for Android

By clicking here, you will be directed to the Play Store page where you can download the game for free and in a safe, simple and uncomplicated way, just press the download button to start the download automatically as well as the  installation.

To play Clash of Clans you must also have Google Play Games installed to grant the necessary permissions, you must also create an account on the Super Cell platform with which you can associate your device to keep your game progress.

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