Download and Play Brawl Stars APK take gems for win the game for Android free

Download Brawl Stars APk Android. Brawl Stars is another Super Cell game focused more on action and combat, in this case, unlike the previous titles that it has launched, it gives users autonomy over the movement of the characters, although that is no reason to separate the the strategies.

Download Brawl Stars APk Android

This game is a bit more confrontation than the other titles but it still has that need for strategy since the victory will be taken by the team that has more gems in its possession, it is somewhat complicated to think about keeping the gems and preventing you eliminate.

However, it is a fairly addictive title that can gradually be played in a better way but it is a bit difficult to get used to the regular users of Super Cell to games of confrontation like this coming from static games and mere strategy.

How to play Brawl Stars?

The mechanics of the game are very simple, they are 2 teams made up of 3 players each, players can choose before entering the matchmaking or game seeker the hero with whom they identify most, whether it is a gunslinger, a skull that throws skulls , a mad scientist, among others available.

The objective in game will be to obtain the greatest amount of gems in your possession, the minimum of gems necessary to win the game is 10 gems, when one of the teams has 10 gems in their possession, a counter will automatically start that will give 15 seconds to that the opposing team displeases that amount by eliminating some bearer of gems, if they cannot achieve it, the team that has a minimum of 10 gems will win.

Brawl Stars APk

By eliminating a player with x gems on it, the amount of gems that that player carried is lowered to the total number of gems that the team had, so if you have 10 gems and the eliminated player was 7 then the team will be left with 3 gems, the 7 gems fall to the floor and both teams have the possibility to recover them.

Requirements Brawl Stars APk Android

  • Operating System: Android 4 or higher
  • Processor: 1.2GHz or higher
  • Memory: 1GB RAM
  • Internet connection.

Download Brawl Stars For Android

The game is available directly from the official Android store so if you want to download it you can click here and it will take you right to the Brawl Stars page in the store, in this way you make sure you can make an easy, fast and easy download in a few simple steps.

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